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Simply the best, better than all the rest

Eight years ago I wrote, in reference to an organizations’ IdM portfolio: “Still, the argument will always rage as to whether it's better to purchase best of breed products from several vendors or a homogenous suite from a single vendor.” An argument may continue to rage – but it’s now a slightly different argument.


Join me, Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian, McAfee Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy and a surprise guest for a webinar, “Privacy by Design” on January 26. Register here.


We still talk about Best of Breed, but it’s no longer in reference to single purpose apps or services. Now the argument is around which suite of products is the “Best of Breed.” But even that concept is on its way out, as I discovered at last year’s European Identity Conference. While collecting opinions from attendees, one told me “If there really could be an objective ‘Best of Breed’ then we'd only have one religion and one political party…”!

Of course, no vendor has a 100% complete IdM/IAM suite of products. Some may not even have all the ones you are interested in but have others you don’t need. So your first step is to find a suite that best meets your needs in terms of modules, connections – and price. Don’t forget to include the cost of implementation (consultants’ fees, hardware needs, etc.) and maintenance in the price estimate.

Once you’ve made your preliminary choice, discover what it will take to add the other pieces you need from other vendors. Consider how easily they can be integrated, what the upgrade process could be like, and – of course – price. If you do it right, you’re a hero. If not, well, best not to consider that outcome!

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